Thursday, January 8, 2009

today?..dramatic day..

long story..kinda moody todae..

coz..quite disappointed with some one that u knew welll..things tat are done is already done... ur image in my mind cant b changed anymore...few bucks frm the dirty $ as a bdae present can show ur true colours rd..worth it? mayb i m too sensitive..last time used to see friend do like tat also no feelingss..

perhaps..i under-estimate them rd..

today tp open house~
kinda excited ..coz got lot of ppl come to our sch..especially the goodies bag make me happy..too bad..i dont even get one..(is my face stamp with tp logo??)ha...every one look weird when we try to get gift frm fate with the goodies..

hhaaa..later on ..we skip our math lec ..which is boring till weilling also willing to skip tat type..imagine bored is the class is..

k skip tat..then while walking around the sch..we are "hunting" for the milo bus..wish tat there will be one..AHAHA!! wish granted!..tats really a milo bus!haha..wat summore..we grab the cups..and keep on the "FULLESST"~!

haha..after and weiling are walking around the sch.hunting for goodies again..who know..OMG!my EYE CANDY is THERE!!!near the library!!~~~watching the concert~!!!! for how long i never met him rd..
damn miss him loo..( ehmmmerhmm..i m not bimboo ar,just excited only)..

He was like my PRINCE CHARMING~~~~ wearing a white clothes....white shorts..white shoe...OH! GOSH! damn handsome..really makes me MELT~!!!---fainting.....
both sampat bimboo..keep on comment him frm far..damn last..weiling pull me there..nearer to him....blush appear on my face.....obviously....damn nervous..

liek matchmaker liek tat,...too bad..i dont think he realise tat i m there...i m just a pass by ppl to him myb chance for me one lar..

handsome guy usually hav gf rd..He..

is just a crush to me....tats all..i dont even know wats his name..but just sounds like darren to me..

later on ..met my friend in eng sch heart still unstablilize ...keep pooping..i told them i saw him...without thinking twice....i bring them ther...dilys and joyce..
but tat time ..i damn malu siot..really can feel butterflies in my nervous till i dare not to near them.them the one who go and hav a jsut standing a side..
when they are movin towards me..HE TOO!!!coz he is leaving his friend..damn ..he dont even look at us. ..sad...
haiz dont say anymore..but yett..he still charming..hahaha....
i still feel liek drunk...ahhaaa..later on we havin fun in bio tech department..measuring over blood pressure...haha guess wat..the pppl say:"ERm..ur blood pressure is a bit high..mayb becoz u saw katherina"..(jess..haha..all of us laugh... we knew tat..coz i just met my eye candy hahhahha)..

candy story end ther..
mayb too hyper rd..we pretent as freshie..get into the media infomatics..playing around with the intersting tools..and new stuff..3d..videos..those kind...take pic summore..but finanally when we wanna go we still get caught by the ppl ther haha......he ask ..u all frm tp rite?..we noob..he shout:"I KNEW IT!!"haha.the guy damn funny..

playing the sensor games ..3d mrt.haiz
.i m regret y i dint come to engin and hav a look last year..perhaps i will be choosing the course rd.....
nice drinks..nice a wonderful tp tour for me..hahha worth to skipthe class..ahahha..

skip the sad part in pcb lab..
previously mj told me tat she will joining for jog..soo when we going back that time..i scared her..she had forgotten our promise,...act angry.who knows she..really get scared..haha unbelievable...i really tat fierce mer..ahhaha..reallyy make me laugh..

then on the way home...cant go jog..feel so bad...changed plan straight away..we walk to the tm mall ..buying biscuits and also present for adik tmr...leg damn pain ...eye damn tired..body damn heavy also walk like tat..hhaah..liek auntie ..wanna save $$ so walk ther..luckly ..tats the time to substitue jogging...ahhaha..buying present for sdik rd..then go shop the gown in tm...all vry nice..wl buying i also busy trying..for fun~at least cheer me up some last also dint buy any single pieces..hhahha..
after tat only we really go to the our stuff...say buy biscuit last..we buy..chicken lar..veg cakess..biscuits.....kinda lots~!haah..womens..cant stop shopping...planning..budgeting to but the cheepest~!even a single bunch of sawi we also wanna take for granted...typical auntie....haizz...
walk back by carrying those heavy stuff....can t imagine..leg like swollen once reach home..damn tired.


really ..i feel much more BETTER now....after blooging tis...tats all.k g9..

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