Wednesday, May 20, 2009


heloo every one..suprisingly im vry tired and sleepy now..thoug slept at 6 to 7 jst now..for so long i nvr been home for tat early rd...sob sob..

while i was taking my sweetest nap..hp rang..received a call frm yiyi..

I got my PR offered letter~woh...nice?should be happy?hahha ..erm..honestly kinda unexpected...lolz dunno y ml and wl want it so time to summit...think i will drag it to few week time seh..all proj ..homework..exam`!

die,...plaanned to read..teleprint..yet,,..i m wasting time after woke mummy bout the vendor bout the shirt...tell her bout the pr letter..nth much....but the again shirts is another heavy task fr me again....

after eating my "dinner"..planned to study..end up?
talk talk talk chiittt chitt chat chat..haizzz....end up talk til 10 ++
good also lar...for quite long we dint hav a nice stupid chat in the room rd..3 of us..stupid fellow...

till now..damn slpy rd..still need to find the pic of jelly fish~!my ideation cartoon doesnt WORK~!!!sad sad hatty jelly fish kena reject~OMG need to redo redo and redo..haizzz troublesome `!!!alamak ...tmr mct....fri gt more week is alredy EXAM~!OMG i reallly faint..
cant breath seriously....

k lar..thz for viewing my blog..thou i thought tat jst those comment ppl r viewing my blog~didnt expect tat there are really sombody else who reading my blog plz comment wat eva after u view my blog so at least i know u r ther for me~!

"blog is the only way to know wats happening to u recently.".ya ..
its truth....

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