Thursday, May 21, 2009

haiz..wat a day

haiz..wat a day.todae kinda relax..
but things dosent go smoothly..

i lost ...i lost my cash card~!if i realise in the 1st place,=..i might able to find back..till todae only i realise..haiz hope..lost where?imust be in the photostae machine..forget to push out again...
haiz..ppl also forget to take..i did return to the would others do tat to me too??

again ..todae i lost my precious eraser..tat spent our happiness drawiing session together...its my buddy for sketching,..hope i still can find u back in the lab tmr~!

again ..todae i forget to plug out my pendrive in the earlier lab..luckly found it back..phew..all my proj inside..scary sia..thz to mj who take back for me... ideation~!alamak..the cartoon havent start idea~!

todae wanted to print in the free excess lab..ass lar..all printer also cant use..wasting my precious slping time only..

so overrall todae..nt my day...todea quite relax yet make me sad
i forget my eraser my pendrive and my cash card...
cool huh?anyone ? can beat after me??

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