Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy birthday..dearest..

17th may 3 months advanced to the day i was born..
again..after a yr
happy bdae once again to
my sweetest bf ....

not vry excited..nearly forget..
soo soon it past for a yr..still rmbr last here stil full of imaginations...and dream..
today..wsnt feeling well....physical nor mental..

i m tired..i m down..
ya true..the tee tat had settle really makes me feel surprisingly not vry happy todae..
mayb due to the issue and conflicts tat are inconvenience for me to tell...
ya mayb ..few minutes more i m gonna take my bus..and start my battle again...
my blog sounds so bored ..everyday sian siansia ..dull..negetive...and meaningless
when can i hav my funniest blog ever again..

lots thing happened in btwn today and the last day i blogged
..incident tat happened in my sg house..make me totally home sick..
i hav the opp to come back..yet i dont hav opp to meet the one that i wanna talk to...i really misss friend..ya..thankz to popo and mummy ..
luckly she liek the present i bought her ..its more then enough..thou i been struggling the time when i reallly buzy with my hmwrk and my job..
ya ..be4 i went back to the saddest battle field..i had done all my things in klg..time are packed~ya..coz again smtg screw me up...again cant surf internet at home..coz landlady no money to paybil..-.-"
hope tat my critical period had over...

quiz again are coming on friday....
my mct proj still doin reserch..
my ideation proj ..sill stuck in the middle..
perhaps i m really a POOR organizer....

GOD bless me.

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